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Year 2014 - The Thinking
Almendria started as a thinking, but not yet a nation. The now GeneralPresident became Emperor of nothing, but still emperor. For some time that was all existence of almendria
Year 2016 - Almendria officialy became a thing! The King of almendria proclamed the existence of a new nation! Almendria existed. In 2016 we started the first program. The GS Program (Good Start). This program basically gave us the basics to become a nation. Nobody knew us and the nation was only pshycal. But we were!. At this time the first Almendrian Flag was made. Showing it here
First almendrian flag ( Not anymore our flag but still the first one). So! This flag was created in 2016. But what other things happened, First one we created the AlmendrianArmedForces but only the Army. Then we 
made other ministries that do exist now ( ART 1 Of the Ministerial Constitution - any created ministry will exist forever and cannot be deleted ) The list is
POLICE Ministry - Frontier GUARD ministry - Agriculture Ministry - and some more. These ministries still exist but not used anymore though they still recieve some funding, so they do stuff. (The POLICE ministry doesnt control police anymore. The Police And Law ministry does it now, as well as the Security devision of all ministries.)
We also created the first Farming Program as the ART 7 of the GSP. We created the Navy and the Strategic Cybercommand And the first almendrian webpage ( DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE ). Then we made all other national symbols, aswell as creating the MMP ( Modern Ministry Plan ) that sets all the bases for ministrys in 2017-2018 And the Constitution. The army fought in the Rebeldia War but lost. Then we developed a bit but not too much
2018 - The Dirt Age
We lost 3 wars in a row and created the Cybernetic Forces and the Air Command. Our development level fell as citizens exited the nation. We made another webpage - also obsolete you cant enter. The nation entered into a Idle State. with no development, until in September 2018 The at that time Imperator of the Empire decided to become an ONG. This worked very well and we became more known but we wanted to go back to becoming a nation. We still keep the ONG alive but less funding. The Imperator became Leader of The Organization at that moment. When we became a nation we got invaded, pushed invaders out later
2019 - The Return
We made ourselves a nation again and defeated the invaders! At this time we created the Ministerial Constitution, made the New Avengers Force and made this webpage! We became USALM. and we also made the first pact, then we expanded and fought the Ka War AND won it, This was the time we taken over FANDOMS to make our nation MoreKnown. The Imperator became The Statal President. We made a new flag too

Third Almendrian flag ( Now The Primitivian Flag )
Well it didnt work out and we went back to using the normal flag we have now! But we used it for 3 months! Then we proceeded to win ANOTHER war - The Empera War WON by the Army and Navy and CyberCommand of the Army. Then we made and the Old DE fell. We made a new one and this was a golden age
EARLY 2020 - The Calm Near The StormPandemic 
We created DERP and executed it ( Digital StateRebuildingProgram - DERP ) We centered more on Online stuff and changed our flag to normal flag again.  The StatePresident became General President as the Democratic States Emerged.  No wars over here and we centered in calm development. This was a golden age ( EDIT - DERP AND THE DemocraticStates WAS MADE in late 2019 almost 2020 so we preferred to list it as Early 2020 )
Not Early 2020 - The Crisis
At this time we centered on Online activities, so our economy was protected against Covid-19, This was good. but an influx of people came and we started our Second Diplomatic Program, creating the International Affairs Ministry and the Diplomacy Ministry. The New Avengers Squad fell. We became a Communist Union with General President still being the maximum charge. Nothing of great interest happened

Citizenship and Why Almendria

Why Almendria..

Read in our BLOG page the projects we do for a better world and country!

How to become Almendrian
Easy! Send a message to [email protected] or any almendrian Public E-Mail with your application (explained below) Or register in Digital State for auto-citizenship - !
Application and what it should include}
A - Your names
B - Your native country
C - Why do you wanna become Almendrian
D - Do you have any citizenship of another micronation
F - Whats your religion 
E - What languajes do you speak
The application will be responded in 10 minutes to 10 hours - USUALLY 12 MINUTES